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Testimonials  *Private Classes Available

Stuart Burney and I have worked together several times.  On each occasion I found him to be a pleasure.  He is an impressive actor.  His gift is truthful, original and beautifully inventive.

Arthur Penn
Academy Award Winner: The Miracle Worker

I have known Stuart Burney for over 25 years to be a person of integrity. The simplicity of that quality cannot be understated.  That strived-for simplicity and fierce alignment with truth is a palpable, visceral expression of Stuart's approach to acting and life.  A simple, considered, thoughtful effort, inspired by a hammered-out authentic approach to the work of an artist, without pretension of artifice,  These are rare qualities, when the work of art becomes like blacksmithing, forged on the anvil of reality and rewarded by effort and commitment.  Working with Stuart can be an encounter with life and a relaxed revelation of the spirit, the deepening process of understanding that radiates through the work of a complete actor.  He is a qualified guide on this river.

Paul Guilfoyle
Series Regular, CSI Criminal Intent

On behalf of Dick Wolf, Rene Balcer, John Roman, and myself, a most heartfelt note of gratitude for lending your time and talent to the new Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Along with the writing, it is the caliber of acting that fills us with enormous pride and distinguishes our show from the norm.  We hope for a long life here in New York, and the opportunity to work with you again.

Fred Berner
Co-Executive Producer
Law & Order:  Criminal Intent

Stuart Burney has been a client for well over 15 years now and has never stopped working.  His professionalism, reliability, and dedication to his craft are unmatched.  Whatever he's selling, I'm buying it.

Michael Shera
On-Camera Commercials Agent
Innovative Talent & Literary Agency New York, Inc.

Stuart Burney is a consummate professional.  He understands immediately what is required of the actor within the context of the script and never fails to deliver.  I have never had one moment of hesitation before recommending him for a project.  His talent and discipline have served him well.  The proof is in the fact that directors once having worked with Stuart are more than happy to do so again and again.

Donna DeSeta

I have represented Stuart Burney for over 20 years. His commitment and professionalism to the “business” of acting is an inspiration to all those who have worked  with him. Clients appreciate his depth of character and sense of humor when working on set. Stuart knows how to get to the point of the story right away. He knows who is real and who is not, which is a key ingredient in being successful in this industry. I have always been interested in seeing actors who have worked with Stuart.

David Roos
Gilla Roos Ltd.
Talent Representatives

I have represented Stuart Burney as his legitimate talent agent in all levels in this industry: motion, pictures, television, and theater for 20+ years. His professional approach to booking the job along with his talent makes for a win win situation for everyone. I highly recommend Stuart to anyone whose desire it is to become a successful working actor.

Marvin A. Josephson
Gilla Roos Ltd.
Talent Representatives

No one insists upon pure truth the way Stuart Burney does.  He is a truly masterful actor, teacher, and guide.  His absolutely fierce dedication and sensitivity to the work of the actor is both challenging and richly in spirit.  Quite simply:  you should kill to work with him.

Roberta Wallach
Actor / Writer / Teacher
Working with Stuart Burney as his student in his acting workshop in Manhattan, NYC has been utterly life changing for me. In essence, Stuart has helped me to get in touch with the core place in  myself from which true artistic expression comes. Endless artistic possibilities are now open to me because of working with him. That is his unique genius. I am forever grateful to have him as a mentor.

Laura Putnam
Student of Stuart Burney's Manhattan, New York Acting Workshops

I have never met, before or since, someone who is so completely focused on the actor’s craft, and an actor’s way of life, than Stuart. I cannot imagine anyone not benefiting from simply being in his company for any length of time. In the six-plus years I spent with him, I grew exponentially as an artist, and as a man. He is especially unique in that he teaches by example in his life and work, and also, amazingly, is able to ARTICULATE it in a way that is meaningful and inspiring. You can learn from him while watching him learn along side you. I miss him, but am busy working as an actor now, because of him.

I thought I'd let you know a little about what I'm up to. I landed a small role as a communications technician, a kind of translator on the show THE UNIT (CBS) a few months ago. About ten or twelve lines, I had to learn to say a couple Arabic phrases. I don't know if you know the show at all but David Mamet writes it, and I got to meet him, shake his hand, thank him for having me etc., and he looked at me and said, "you were great, we're going to try to get you back up here."

I say this not to brag, simply because a lot of directors say that sort of thing at the end of a shoot, but because he actually did it! He brought me back for another episode that I'm shooting sometime before Christmas '06. I got that call from the casting director just a couple days before I contacted you to thank you for bringing me this far. My role could become recurring!

Brad Campbell
Student of Stuart Burney's Manhattan, New York Acting Workshops

Stuart (Burney) is a remarkable acting teacher/coach. Working with him at his Manhattan, New York acting workshop is an experience. He knows how to help you support your talent. His ability to listen and understand one's individual work is unwavering. And by the way, be prepared to work because he doesn't let you fall through the cracks, he helps you, help yourself.

Ivette Dumeng
Student of Stuart Burney's Manhattan, New York Acting Workshops

Ever since I started my adult life, the one thing that I always said to my friends was that I wish I had an older, wiser woman to go to for advice or guidance on life, maybe someone life a Maya Angelou or an Oprah.

I've always told people that I was not lucky and would never be the type to hit the lottery or something like that because I knew how to work for what I wanted.

Little did I know that the guidance that I was seeking was really the truth.  Little did I know that the truth would come in the form of a Stuart.  Little did I know that I hit the lottery 10 times the day that I meet you.

I just wanted to thank you for being my truth, for helping me find my truth in acting, and for teaching me the craft.  Thank you Stuart.  Thank you for just being you as well as a phenomenal acting coach.

Tye Taylor
Student of Stuart Burney's Manhattan, New York Acting Workshops

Stuart Burney changed my life. Within two weeks of meeting him, I had freed myself from a destructive 2 ˝ year relationship and found a new job that paid double and required half the time. The difference in my work and in myself over a short period of time has been incredible. I’m extremely lucky to have found someone intelligent enough to understand me, caring enough to work with me, and wise enough to know how to help me. Stuart is such a dedicated, sensitive and generous artist. It’s an uncharted adventure each time we work together and I just love it.

Madeleine von Froomer
Student of Stuart Burney's Manhattan, New York City Acting Workshops

How can I possibly cay thank you to someone who has forever changed not only my life but my Art.  You have inspired me to truly live, accept myself, love myself, and protect my Artist.  This journey with you is only the beginning but for now I take a port of you with me to LA - thanks to you. 

Jodi Tomasso
Student of Stuart Burney's Manhattan, New York Acting Workshops

I could write a novel about how much meeting you has changed my life.  It's helped me grow as an artist and as a person in ways I never knew possible.  I'm so glad I found you and that I am involved with "the process".  It fills me with insight, purpose, joy, and hope.  You are truly an inspiration.  From the bottom of my heart thank you.

Michael Keen
Student of Stuart Burney's Manhattan, New York Acting Workshops

I would like to start out by saying thank you! You have made such a difference in my life and for this I'm extremely grateful.  You have encouraged me at my lowest point when I had no understanding of any of the acting exercises or my purpose in life for that matter.  You are such a special person and I will always remember the special bond you have created with our class.  To be able to witness a miracle on a weekly basis is truly a blessing and a gift.  For the first time ever I feel like someone genuinely cares about me and my Artist.  I asked God all my life to show me a sign that he cares about me; and the day I met you I knew that my prayers had been answered.  Thank you.

Christian Marks
Student of Stuart Burney's Manhattan, New York City Acting Workshops

You have raised me.  As a father raises his child, you have raised me as an artist.  You have shown me the path of an artist and instilled me with the vision necessary to traverse life as an artist. As I attempt to learn the craft of acting, I become more aware of how the "process" you practice every day of your life is invaluable.  But I am aware of this even more so in every day life when I see how futile and fruitless most of my relationships are in comparison to those I share with you, Laura, Jeanie and Brad in acting workshop.  It is the reason I am an actor,  It is only in those moments when all bullshit is stripped away, leaving only my naked self, that I feel truly alive.  It is in those moments that I experience life, for better or worse, on it's most riveting plateaus.

I realize that you have reached me on levels deeper than anyone else in my life.  You have taught me more than any other teacher in my life.  You have given me more faith in my life.  This is not hyperbole.  This is truth.

Thank you for teaching me, trusting me, respecting me, hearing me, understanding me and guiding me.  Thank you for not having an agenda to impact my life and thank you more for doing so nevertheless. I am truthful, I am alive in more ways than I ever knew possible.  And although you never strategized it ... I am so because of your coaching and workshops.  For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart - a heart that is open because of you.

Michael Joseph Wolfe
Student of Stuart Burney's Manhattan, New York Acting Workshops

When I met Stuart Burney in 1985 I'd never met anyone like him. Here was a handsome, rugged man who had a city sensibility and edge to him. World weary and yet approachable was how I'd describe him. Stuart operated on his instincts and that was apparent after I worked with him for a short time. I learned that those instincts took him through emotional attachments, out of them, and back into them, into businesses, out of them, and back into them, and back to his roots in New York City. Everyone else in New York City must have had the same reaction because he began to work almost as soon as he could get off the plane from Boston.

As an actor, Stuart trusts his guts. He trusts his inner life. Sometimes there's no explanation, but he knows that to dismiss what his innards are telling him is to lie to himself. And even when there is no clarity about why the feeling is what it is, he explores it until he can find an answer to the questions that lurk and when he does he sometimes even laughs about it. But truth is what he's after for himself and you also have to love an actor with a sense of humor about himself.
Stuart also has a realistic attitude about the business . " If I get the job, great, if I didn't get the job, why the hell not?, (a shake of the head) a laugh, and I'll get it next time. Find a passionate hobby because I can't drive myself crazy with this stuff. There's more to life and that's what I bring back to my acting."

Stuart's commitment to the marshal arts is more than a way to pass time between acting jobs. It brings discipline, respect and integrity to an already honorable man. And an involvement in teaching his skills to others only adds to his gut instincts about his students in every classroom situation.

It was my pleasure and pride to represent Stuart as his commercial talent agent.

Sue King
Commercial Agent
Innovative Artists
Talent & Literary Agents, inc.

For more information about Stuart Burney's acting workshops, coaching workshops,  or private instruction, please contact the Acting Coach / Acting Teacher at his Manhattan, New York office at or phone him at 917. 482.0810.


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The beginner actor is welcome. The only requirement is to bring your genuine passion for Acting!


One evening a week, 6-10 PM

29th Street Repertory Theater
212 West 29th Street,
3rd Floor
(between 7th & 8th)
New York, New York 10001
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2-3 hour, one-on-one sessions
(Package rates available)

For availability:
Contact Stuart Burney
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